Welcome: an orientation

Jul 31, 2021

Welcome to the Critical Digital Pedagogy Buffet!  

We are really looking forward to working with all of you.  You are invited to the Critical Digital Pedagogy Buffet in whatever manner works best for you.  This week will have a rhythm all its own based on our offerings each day, and the way you decide to customize your time with us.  There will be a variety of dishes on our proverbial menu, so you can dip in and out as you please, tasting what you would like.  Each day will have its own theme, so that we can offer as much food-for-thought over the course of our time together.

Daily Themes for the Buffet

Monday, Day 1:  Community Building

Tuesday, Day 2: Critical Open Pedagogy

Wednesday, Day 3: Decolonial & Antiracist Pedagogy

Thursday, Day 4: Ethical Ed Tech

Friday, Day 5: Bring your dish to the Potluck Showcase

How will we proceed with our work each day?

You can see the full feast for the coming day when we share our daily menu post here each evening the night before. Each day will have a variety of dishes on the menu including:

  • "feed your mind" (select from our daily readings and activities)
  • "snacks" (choose some shorter activities to fill you up)
  • "make your daily dessert" (a daily creative activity that takes only five to ten minutes, but is a sweet way to open up one's imagination)
  • bonus "midnight snacks" (...if you still have an appetite)

We recommend that you choose from the daily "feed your mind" options, dip into a snack, and make a daily dessert each day.  But please understand, you can select what you want from these menu options at any time, day or night, no matter the day of the week.  In other words, please explore based on your interests and customize as you see fit.

Tea Time

Arabic sweets with pistachios and teacup with lemon slice
Tea time in zoom: 7pm UTC/3pm EDT/9pm Cairo; photo from Pixabay

In addition, each day we will have "Tea Time" to gather synchronously.  You do not need to prepare for tea time.  Just show up, and we will explore our daily theme together while connecting and co-learning.  In short, this is an (optional) synchronous daily Zoom workshop/meeting to take place each day at 7pm UTC/3pm EDT/9pm Cairo [the time converter below shows time conversion for the first session on Monday August 2nd].    

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

**Please note, on our last day of Friday, we have an additional session planned as well at 3pm UTC/11am EDT/5pm Cairo [the time converter below shows time conversion for the extra Friday session earlier in the day on Friday August 6th].

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

We certainly hope you will join us, but of course we understand that not all of you will be able to make this daily 90-minute gathering.  We will record these conversations and send them to you directly by email (please do not share beyond our group).

Where do I go to join our daily tea time?

Please find the link to our Zoom room (which stays the same for each time we meet) in your email, as well as in our Yellowdig "Intro: a Critical Digital Pedagogy Buffet" forum.

Where do I go to find all of the course material?

Just show up here at https://buffet.dpl.online, and click on our Daily Posts (i.e. "Day 1, Day 2, etc").  All links to resources and materials will be in our Daily Posts.  Once the days of the week start to unfold, you can move forward and back chronologically to pluck things from each daily menu.  But we will roll out the next daily menu the night before for each day's theme.

Where do I post my creations, comments, and find my colleagues' contributions?

We will use DPL's YellowDig forum for our track for most sharing, but some of our activities will have links to separate spaces for us to work in together.  You can post your "make your daily dessert" creations on YellowDig as well, but feel free to also share more openly on Twitter, your blog, etc. If you do post to social media, our track's hashtag is #dplbuffet, but it would also be cool if you used the conference hashtag #digped.  

We hope you will take some time to surf and discover the contributions of your peers in our buffet track.  Please remember that our connection through interaction (comments, remix, greetings, etc.) are critical. This is where all the magic (and spice) will be found!  Also, we hope you will take a look at this DPL "code of conduct" https://dpl.online/code-of-conduct/  - an important reference point for connecting together.  Please take a moment to consider this code, and reflect on whether you might revise or change any of the suggestions for our community.

What is the Potluck Showcase on Friday?

Potluck food on a table with people's hands reaching for it
Photo (edited by us) by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

On our final day together, you will all bring one "dish" of your own to our final showcase, as we celebrate what we have learned together over the course of the week.  In short, each of you will select something you think is worth sharing with the community. You can share an activity you think is pedagogically empowering, share a "daily dessert make" you have whipped up, offer a resource that you think will be helpful as a critical digital pedagogical tool, or share a remix or adaptation of something you might use going forward.  We hope that many of your final potluck artifacts can be included in the OneHE Community Building resources (highlighted in Day 1 of the buffet).  We will have two separate synchronous Zoom sessions on Friday in order to offer the opportunity for everyone to briefly share their contribution.  The first will be held earlier in the day at 3pm UTC/11am EDT/5pm Cairo, and the other at our regular "tea time" of 7pm UTC/3pm EDT/9pm Cairo.  

Mia Zamora

Among with Maha Bali

Mia Zamora, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of English at Kean University in Union, NJ, USA. She is the Director of the MA in Writing Studies, and the Director of the Kean University Writing Project.

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