Day 2: Critical Open Pedagogy

Aug 2, 2021

Welcome to Day 2 of the DPL Critical Digital Pedagogy Buffet! Our second day together will cast light on what it means to teach and learn in the open. Openness is in part a philosophy about the way people should produce, share, and build on knowledge.  But what kinds of challenges come up when teaching and learning in the open?  Proponents of open education believe that everyone should have access to high-quality educational experiences and resources, and they work to eliminate barriers to this goal.  

In Day 2, we will explore some open educational practices together.  One example is social reading or collaborative annotation.  In order to increase student engagement, expand reading comprehension, and build critical-thinking and community in classes, collaborative annotation makes reading active, visible, and social.  It enables all readers to engage with texts, co-learners, and ideas, in deeper, more meaningful ways.  We are recommending that we use the open source tool to read some of our shared material together. If you’ve never used Hypothesis before, get started here: and quick guide.  If you prefer to discuss what you read in the Yellowdig discussion forum, feel free to do so as well.

Our Day 2 Menu:

Feed your mind

Read & Annotate (in

Quick read: Connected learning infographic

Some Snacks

Quick read:  This quick read is a welcome letter written for the #OER20 conference that convened in April 2020 (as the COVID-19 crisis hit globally).  Read to consider "care and openness".  What have you experienced regarding these ideas of care and education in the open, since the proverbial "pivot" to online learning?:

Tea time: Live session at 3pm ET/7pm UTC/9pm Cairo

The vast landscape of rolling tea fields in a tea plantation.
Tea Fields; picture from Pixabay

Join us for a 90 minute interactive workshop on critical open pedagogy.  During our time together, we will discuss open education practices from a social justice perspective.  Zoom joining instructions are in your email and on Yellowdig.

If you would like a sneak peek at the slides we will be using, they are at:

Make Your Daily Dessert

Two small stacks of colorful macaron desserts.
Colorful macarons

Make something sweet in Day 2!

Here are a couple of "Daily Dessert" prompts for our Day 2:

  1. Daily Create - make your own meme about what open education means to you:
  2. Make your own GIF about what open education means to you:
  3. Write a spontaneous poem about what open education means to you.

Post your dessert in our YellowDig thread.  Remember that if you are on Twitter, don't forget to add your hashtags!  If you are doing a "Daily Create" you must include  @ds106dc in your tweet as well as the tag specific for that day, e.g. #tdc1666 for your response to show up in the "Daily Create" twitter threads. In addition, since we are a special DPL group using the Daily Create prompts this week, also include #dplbuffet in your posts.

Midnight Snack

Enjoy this podcast interview with Mia Zamora and Alan Levine, which might just inspire your imagination when it comes to open teaching and learning.  Here we discuss "Networked Narratives" (#netnarr) - where our students at Kean University (and anyone else who wants to join in the open) embark on an adventure to become digital alchemists. While this learning experience has been part face to face and part online, it also occurred in alternate worlds and dimensions.  Check the O.L.: Liner Notes from Groundbreaking Online Learning

Mia Zamora

Mia Zamora, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of English at Kean University in Union, NJ, USA. She is the Director of the MA in Writing Studies, and the Director of the Kean University Writing Project.

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