Day 1: Community Building

Aug 1, 2021

Welcome to Day 1 of the DPL Critical Digital Pedagogy Buffet! We will start our critical digital pedagogy journey with special focus on the importance of building community.  How do we connect with others equitably in a new learning environment?  How do we build trust with diverse learners from all walks of life?  What kind of groundwork needs to be established in order to co-learn? Day 1 is an exploration of the myriad ways to build community in an online/networked context.  Please feel free to select from the menu below and focus on your own goals and interests.  

Also, please remember that transformational learning happens in part due to the connections we make with both ideas and the people who share them.  Taking the time to discover what others have shared in our forums and interacting is a key part of our buffet experience.  Just imagine - as you are waiting on the buffet line to taste some new things, it is those conversations you strike up that make the feast memorable.  In other words, be sure to read and respond to posts that are meaningful to you and make you think. No one expects everyone to respond to *every* post (even facilitators cannot do this), but select ones that interest you. And also, if you can, notice any posts that haven't had any responses and consider responding to one of those.

Our Day 1 Menu:

Introduce yourself with an #ALTCV

Share a bit about yourself in your own way, with an #ALTCV.  This is an alternative way to introduce yourself in a way that can be more meaningful than your typical templated intro. Create an Alternative CV (your story, your terms) to introduce yourself to the group - post a screenshot or link to it on Yellowdig.

Feed your mind

Our readings and viewing for the day:

  1. Read about Intentionally Equitable Hospitality in this article by Bali et al.

OR if you want something quicker,

Watch this video (<5 mins):

2.  Quick Read:

Check out Kate Bowles' Safety Considerations for online community building.

Explore Some Snacks:

Check out this curation of 70+ Community building resources contributed by educators from all over the world, with adaptations, templates, and often demo videos as well. You can simply surf around and spend a bit of time with what inspires you.  If you prefer a more structured approach than an open exploration, you might find this brief article helps you navigate the resources.

  1. Check out 2-3 categories that interest you. Pick one from each to reflect on it critically: how might you use it? Are there safety considerations or accessibility challenges? In what ways can it be adapted to be more Intentionally Equitable/Hospitable? Share your reflections on Yellowdig intro track space.
  2. Consider contributing one of your own favorite community-building activities during the Potluck event on Day 5.

Tea time: Live session at 3pm ET/7pm UTC/9pm Cairo

A teapot steeping along with a tea cup.
Teapot at tea time; photo from Pixabay

Join us for a 90 minute interactive workshop on community building.  During our time together, you will have a chance to vote on which community building activities you would like to try out with us.  Zoom joining instructions are in your email and on Yellowdig.

If you would like a sneak peek at the slides we will be using, they are at:

Make Your Daily Dessert

A Churros dessert wrapped in newspaper with powdered sugar sprinkled on top.
Churros; photo from Pixabay

We hope you might add something sweet to your learning each day of DPL.  Each "dessert" prompt should take no more than 10-15 minutes.

Sometimes for this dessert helping, we invite you to parktake in the Daily Create, which provides a space for regular open practice of spontaneous creativity through challenges published every day. Developed as part of the ds106 open course on digital storytelling, TDC is open to anyone who wants a regular dose of creative exercises.  

Post your daily desserts in YellowDig, and if you are on Twitter, don't forget to add your hashtags!  For the "Daily Create" prompts, in order for your response to show up in the "Daily Create" twitter threads you must include  @ds106dc in your tweet as well as the tag specific for that day, e.g. #tdc1666.  In addition, since we are a special DPL group using the Daily Create prompts this week, also include #dplbuffet in your posts.

Day 1 "Make Your Own Daily Dessert" prompts. Choose one:

P.S.  We will discuss the use of the "Daily Create" tomorrow in Day 2, as an example of open practice.

Midnight Snack

If you're feeling like you have a bit more time, and want to try something new, check out this survey that will help you explore your motivation for promoting digital and media literacies/skills in your classroom. We learned about this from Renee Hobbs. Check it out:

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