Day 5: Our Potluck Showcase

Aug 4, 2021

We have made it to our final celebration day!

On our final DPL day we will gather together your own individual creations, as we co-produce a sumptuous feast of "all things" critical-digital-pedagogy. You will all bring one "dish" of your own to our final showcase, as we celebrate what we have learned together over the course of the week.

Each of you will offer something you think is worth sharing with the community. You can share an activity you think is pedagogically empowering, share a "daily dessert make" you have whipped up this week, offer a resource that you think will be helpful as a critical digital pedagogical tool, or share a remix or adaptation of something you might use going forward.  In other words, what you bring to the potluck is up to you, and it should feature or highlight one aspect of what you have learned this week during our buffet time.  

In summary, your potluck dish can be a 5 minute presentation to our cohort on any of the following:

  • Something you plan to do differently next year based on what you learned this week
  • Something you are inspired to contribute to the Community Building Resources
  • Something you are inspired to contribute to the #ds106 "daily create" bank
  • Anything else you would like to share 😀

Consider making a tutorial video or digital artifact that is helpful and user-friendly for others so that it can be adapted or shared in other open learning contexts.  This is your chance to make a new OER resource if you want.

Our Showcase

‌In order to celebrate our work together, we will have two separate synchronous Zoom sessions on Friday in order to offer the opportunity for everyone to briefly share their contribution.  We hope you will sign up for a 5 minute slot in the Zoom session that best fits your schedule. The first session will be held earlier in the day at 3pm UTC/11am EDT/5pm Cairo. The second session will be held at our regular "tea time" of 7pm UTC/3pm EDT/9pm Cairo.

        ***Sign up here

Where should you post your final dish for the Potluck

Please share your potluck contribution here in our google slide deck:

A sincere thank you

This has been a special week.  We understand that we all have different schedules and that there are different kinds of demands on all of us.  And still, we have come together in ways that work for us as individuals, on our own terms.  The co-learning that has emerged has been energetic, reflective, diverse, and it aptly represents your unique perspectives.  We are grateful for your contributions.  Thank you for sharing in our celebration of critical digital pedagogy.

Mia Zamora

Mia Zamora, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of English at Kean University in Union, NJ, USA. She is the Director of the MA in Writing Studies, and the Director of the Kean University Writing Project.

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