Day 4: Ethical Ed Tech

Aug 4, 2021

Wow....Day 4 of DPL!

Today we will explore one of the most urgent issues when it comes to critical digital pedagogy - the intersection of technology, industry, and education.  We all use digital tools to bring us together from distances far and wide, and to enhance our ability to both teach and learn.  But much of what passes for educational technology is designed for purposes of profit-seeking, surveillance of students, and user lock-in. Other kinds of technology exists, but they typically lack the marketing and sales budgets of competing vendors.

In Day 4, we will consider how education can be a critical site through which to interrogate and (perhaps?) tranform the broader tech industry and the cultures surrounding it.

Our Day 4 Menu:  

Feed your mind

Watch sava saheli singh's short Screening Surveillance films (watch at least one)

Reading options:


Explore Data Storytelling (a collaborative project designed by a great team and funded in 2020 by an Edinburgh Futures Institute research award).  Data Storytelling is a scaffolded storytelling tool that uses fiction writing to explore aspects of an interaction with technology, and the hopes or concerns it raises, by speculating about what could happen.

Tea time: Live session at 3pm ET/7pm UTC/9pm Cairo

Tea service with pastries, tea sandwiches, lace tablecloth, and an antique radio.
Tea time; photo from Unsplash

Join us for a 90 minute interactive workshop on Ethical Ed Tech with filmmaker sava saheli singh.  During this "Studio Visit" workshop we will poll your top choice from the selection of Screening Surveillance short films.  Then we will screen the film and discuss the work chosen by our tea time group in an open discussion.  Zoom joining instructions are in your email and on Yellowdig.

Make Your Daily Dessert

four different flavors of ice cream parfaits
dessert time; picture from Unsplash

Time to make another sweet treat!  

Here are a couple of "Daily Dessert" prompts for Day 4:

Post your desserts in our YellowDig thread.  Remember that if you are on Twitter, don't forget to add your hashtags!  If you are doing a "Daily Create" you must include  @ds106dc in your tweet as well as the tag specific for that day, e.g. #tdc1666 for your response to show up in the "Daily Create" twitter threads. In addition, since we are a special DPL group using the Daily Create prompts this week, also include #dplbuffet in your posts.

Midnight Snack

Here is an impactful "teach-in" about surveillance, educational technologies, academic freedom, and student care -- for an important cause!

The #AgainstSurveillance teach-in (organized by Brenna Clarke Gray) was a benefit for the legal defense fund of Ian Linkletter, a learning technology specialist at the University of British Columbia, who was sued by Proctorio due to a series of critical tweets he posted (links that were freely available YouTube videos provided by the company, and that the company claimed were proprietary).  This problematic case has since been dismissed. But the urgent issues laid out here regarding ethical ed tech indeed persist.

Mia Zamora

Mia Zamora, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of English at Kean University in Union, NJ, USA. She is the Director of the MA in Writing Studies, and the Director of the Kean University Writing Project.

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